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Shahi Mutton Qorma Daig

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Shahi Mutton Qorma Daig: A Royal Feast from the Heart of Pakistan


In the bustling streets of Rawalpindi and Islamabad, a culinary tradition has been simmering for generations, capturing the essence of royal kitchens and bringing it to the heart of every celebration. Shahi Mutton Qorma Daig is not just a dish; it’s a grandeur feast, a symbol of hospitality and the rich cultural heritage of Pakistan. As we embark on this flavorful journey, let’s dive into the realms of its aromatic spices, tender mutton, and the art of cooking in a daig that makes this dish a centerpiece at any gathering.

The Essence of Shahi Mutton Qorma

At its core, Shahi Mutton Qorma is a luxurious blend of tender mutton pieces, meticulously marinated and cooked with a medley of spices that are both aromatic and therapeutic. The term ‘Shahi’ denotes its royal origins, hailing from the Mughlai cuisine, renowned for its opulent and nuanced flavors. Cooking in a daig, a large pot used for catering purposes, amplifies the communal spirit, making it an ideal choice for weddings, festivals, and large gatherings.

Ingredients: The Building Blocks of Flavor

The magic of Shahi Mutton Qorma lies in its ingredients. Key components include:

  • Lamb Cuts: Preferably bone-in pieces for deeper flavor.
  • Yogurt Marination: Acts as a tenderizer and flavor enhancer.
  • Spices Mix: A careful selection of ground and whole spices including cardamom, cloves, cinnamon, bay leaves, and more, each contributing to the dish’s signature aroma.
  • Aromatic Seasonings: Onion paste, garlic-ginger paste, and saffron are essential for that authentic taste.
  • Cooking Oil: Traditionally, ghee is used for its rich flavor, but vegetable oils can be a healthier alternative.

Marination Variations: The Prelude to Taste

Marination is a critical step, allowing the meat to absorb the flavors and become tender. While traditional recipes call for yogurt and spices, variations include adding papaya paste for extra softness or adjusting the spice levels to cater to different palates.

Cooking Methods: Mastering the Art

Cooking Shahi Mutton Qorma in a daig involves a slow cooking process, where meat is simmered over low heat. This method ensures that the meat is cooked to perfection, soaking up the flavors of spices and herbs. Layered cooking is another technique, where ingredients are added in stages to build depth in taste.

Exploring Regional Flavors

While Shahi Mutton Qorma has its roots in Mughlai cuisine, it has embraced the diverse palette of Pakistan’s regions. From the rich, creamy textures of Punjab to the spicy tangs of Hyderabad, each region adds its unique twist, creating a variety of flavors under the same name.

Serving Ideas: Enhancing the Feast

A Shahi feast is incomplete without the perfect accompaniments. Basmati rice, naan, and rotis are traditional staples, while side dishes like raita, salad, and lime wedges elevate the dining experience. Serving sizes vary, but the generous nature of Pakistani hospitality ensures there’s always more than enough.

Nutritional Insight

Despite its rich flavor profile, Shahi Mutton Qorma can be balanced to fit nutritional needs. Lean cuts of meat and moderation in ghee use can make it a protein-rich, lower-fat option for health-conscious guests.

Best Combinations for Daig Events

Pairing Shahi Mutton Qorma with other daig dishes such as biryanis, vegetable curries, and dals creates a well-rounded menu, offering something for everyone. Desserts like kheer or gulab jamun mark a sweet end to a lavish meal.

Catering to Your Needs:

For those in Rawalpindi and Islamabad looking to bring the royal taste of Shahi Mutton Qorma to their events, offers expert catering services. With an emphasis on traditional flavors, fresh ingredients, and impeccable service, we ensure your celebration is memorable.


Shahi Mutton Qorma Daig is more than just a dish; it’s a celebration of Pakistan’s rich culinary heritage, a testament to the art of cooking, and a symbol of communal joy. Whether you’re planning a grand wedding or a cozy family gathering, this dish promises to be the highlight, bringing people together over a shared love for food.

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  • “Marination Variations: The Prelude to Taste” – Image showing marinated mutton.
  • “Cooking Methods: Mastering the Art” – Image of a daig with cooking qorma.
  • “Serving Ideas: Enhancing the Feast” – Image of a beautifully served dish with accompaniments.

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Shahi Mutton Qorma Daig

Shahi Mutton qorma daig is a meat product nutrition. However, in Pakistan, mutton is considered the king of meats. There are many
mutton types, including goat, lamb, buffalo, etc. Mughal people love their mutton dishes. However, most of the
time, they use mutton to prepare qormas and shahi margins. Here we have listed some mutton recipes. However,
you can try them at home and enjoy eating delicious food. For a truly indulgent meal, end your shahi mutton qorma with a rich and decadent shahi tukda – a classic Indian dessert of fried bread soaked in creamy saffron-infused milk and topped with nuts and edible silver leaf.


Mutton – 1 kg
Onions – 2-3 big ones
Garlic cloves – 6-8
Tomatoes – 4-5 small ones
Coriander/cilantro – 1 bunch
Salt – To taste
Pepper – Black pepper
Oil – Any oil


Heat some oil in a pan over high heat. Add onions and fry until they turn golden brown. Could you
remove them and set them aside? Add garlic and fry till fragrant. Then add tomatoes and cook till soft.
In the meantime, cut the meat into bite-sized pieces. When the tomatoes are cooked, please put them in a bowl and mix them with coriander/cilantro, salt, and
pepper. Now add the meat to the tomato mixture and mix well.

1. Daig 

Daig is a traditional Persian dish prepared using mutton. The meat is cooked until tender, then seasoned
with spices, herbs, and sometimes yogurt. Daig is often eaten with rice or bread. However, daig is traditionally
served at weddings and special occasions.

2. Qorma

The word qorma means “cooked” in Farsi. However, qorma refers to meat dishes, soups, stews, and casseroles.
In Iran, qorma is commonly used to refer to meat dishes.

3. Method 

The method is a type of Iranian stew. It is generally prepared with lamb, beef, chicken, fish, or

4. Shahi 

Shahi means “royal.” it refers to the quality of the meat, which is usually higher than normal meat.

5. Mina 

Mina means “sweet,” “tasty,” or “delicious.” it ina refers to the taste of the finished dish.

6. Pulao 

Pulao is a popular dish in Iran consisting of rice cooked with meat, poultry, eggs, vegetables, and nuts. However, it is high in nutrition.

7. Kuku

Kukus are small, crispy, deep-fried snacks made of flour batter, chickpeas, and spices.

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Shahi Mutton Qorma Daig
Shahi Mutton Qorma Daig

 19,750 35,500

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