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Palak Paneer Daig

 6,000 11,000

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Our Palak Paneer Daig is a kitchen masterpiece, offering a creamy blend of fresh spinach and soft paneer cubes seasoned with aromatic spices to delight your senses. Perfect for gatherings, it’s prepared carefully to bring authentic flavors to your table. Enjoy the convenience of delicious, traditional cuisine delivered right to your doorstep.

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In the heart of Lahore and Faisalabad, brings to your table the quintessential comfort food of Pakistan with a twist – Palak Paneer Daig. This dish is a balanced blend of nutritious spinach and creamy paneer, cooked in bulk, making it a perfect choice for large gatherings, family events, or any festive occasion.

Palak Paneer Daig Servings and Prices

WeightServingsPrice (PKR)
5 Kg506,000
6 Kg607,000
7 Kg708,000
8 Kg809,000
9 Kg9010,000
10 Kg10011000

Ingredients: The Foundation of Flavor
The key to a splendid Palak Paneer Daig lies in its ingredients. Fresh, vibrant spinach paired with homemade cottage cheese forms the essence of this dish. A carefully selected array of spices, including cumin, coriander, and garam masala, elevates the flavors. Adding cream, tomatoes, onions, garlic, and ginger not only adds depth to the dish but also introduces complexity to the palate.

  • Spinach (Palak)
  • Paneer: Indian cottage cheese, cubed and lightly fried or grilled.
  • Tomatoes:  Pureed or finely chopped.
  • Onions: Finely chopped or ground to a paste.
  • Garlic: Minced or made into a paste.
  • Ginger: Minced or made into a paste.
  • Green Chilies: Finely chopped or slit, adjusted to taste.
  • Garam Masala: A blend of ground spices used for seasoning.
  • Cumin Seeds: Used for tempering.
  • Turmeric Powder: Adds color and flavor.
  • Coriander Powder: For aroma and flavor.
  • Cream: For richness and creaminess, optional.
  • Oil or Ghee: Used for sautéing ingredients.
  • Salt: To taste.
  • Water: Used to adjust the consistency of the gravy.
  • Fresh Cream or Yogurt: For garnishing and adding a tangy flavor.
  • Kasuri Methi (Dried Fenugreek Leaves): For garnishing.

Recipes and Cooking Methods: A Tapestry of Tastes
Palak Paneer Daig can be customized to suit various tastes and dietary preferences. From the traditional recipe that pays homage to the dish’s roots to a vegan version that substitutes paneer with tofu, there’s something for everyone. For those following a keto diet, a low-carb version ensures you don’t miss out on this delectable dish. Cooking methods range from slow cooking to retain the flavors to a quicker, pan-cooked version for those short on time.
Regional Flavours: Celebrating Diversity
Marinating the paneer is a step that can transform your Palak Paneer Daig from good to great. A yogurt-based marinade adds a tangy twist, while a spicy marinade brings in heat for those who prefer a fiery taste. Herb-infused marinades introduce a refreshing zest, making each bite a delightful experience.

Regional Flavours: Celebrating Diversity
Whether you prefer the North Indian version with its rich, creamy base or the Punjabi style known for its hearty and robust flavors, Palak Paneer Daig can be adapted to echo the regional tastes of Pakistan. The South Indian version, with a hint of coconut and mustard seeds, adds an exotic touch to this versatile dish.

North Indian Style

In North India, Palak Paneer is known for its rich, creamy texture. The use of heavy cream or yogurt in the spinach gravy creates a luxurious base that perfectly complements the soft, fresh paneer. Garam masala and a hint of kasuri methi (dried fenugreek leaves) add warmth and depth to the dish, making it a comforting choice during the colder months.

Punjabi Style

The Punjabi version of Palak Paneer is hearty and robust, reflecting the agricultural richness of the region. It often features larger chunks of paneer and a more pronounced use of spices like cumin, coriander, and red chili powder. Tomatoes are added generously, giving the dish a distinctive tangy flavor that balances the creaminess of the spinach.

South Indian Twist

Venturing into the South, Palak Paneer takes on a whole new character with the addition of coconut and mustard seeds. Coconut milk may replace cream to introduce a tropical sweetness and silky texture, while tempered mustard seeds, curry leaves, and dried red chilies infuse the dish with a crackling flavor. This version might also include a dash of tamarind paste, lending a subtle sourness that brightens the overall taste.

Adapting Palak Paneer Daig for Regional Tastes

Preparing Palak Paneer Daig, a sizeable communal serving typical in Pakistan and India for gatherings and special occasions, is an excellent opportunity to incorporate these regional influences. Depending on the audience, the dish can be customized:

  • For a North Indian flair, ensure the gravy is rich and creamy, with a good balance of spice and a hint of sweetness from fenugreek.
  • For a Punjabi touch, focus on a robust, spicy flavor profile with tangy tomatoes and hearty paneer pieces.
  • For a South Indian variation, introduce coconut milk, mustard seeds, and curry leaves to bring a refreshing twist to the traditional recipe.
Spice Adjustments: Tailored to Your Taste
At, we understand the importance of catering to individual preferences. Whether you enjoy your Palak Paneer mild, medium, or hot, our chefs are adept at adjusting the spice levels to ensure the dish suits your palate perfectly.
Serving Ideas and Sizes: From Family Dinners to Grand Celebrations
Palak Paneer Daig is available in various serving sizes, from individual portions to family-size servings, making it an ideal choice for any occasion. For more significant events, our party servings and combo meal suggestions, including daig combinations with biryani, naan, rice, and salad, ensure plenty to go around.
Nutritional Facts: A Dish That Nourishes
Besides being a feast for the senses, Palak Paneer Daig is also a powerhouse of nutrition. Packed with protein from the paneer and a wealth of vitamins and minerals from the spinach, it’s a dish that truly nourishes the body and soul.

Calories250-300 kcal
Protein12-15 g
Carbohydrates10-14 g
Dietary Fiber4-6 g
Total Fat18-22 g
Saturated Fat7-10 g
Cholesterol30-40 mg
Sodium400-600 mg
Potassium500-700 mg
Calcium200-300 mg
Iron2-4 mg
Vitamin A1000-1500 IU
Vitamin C20-30 mg

Best Combinations: Complementing Flavors
Pairing Palak Paneer Daig with complementary dishes is critical to elevating your dining experience. The creamy texture and mild flavors of the daig work wonderfully with the spicy and aromatic biryani, the crispness of naan, or the simplicity of rice and salad, creating a balanced and satisfying meal.
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Palak Paneer Daig
Palak Paneer Daig

 6,000 11,000

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