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Desi Daig com provides online daig delivery. We have experienced cooks who know a deep taste in many Dishes. We used high-Quality Meets, Vegetables, Spices, and Chicken to make our Dish Tasty. Due to our Use of high-quality products and spices our taste are famous. There are many Varieties of Daig, like Biryani Daig, Pulao Daig, Chicken Biryani Daig, Beef Biryani Daig, Zarda daig, Korma daig, Chicken Pulao Daig, etc. Suppose You want a perfect taste of any dish and want it in time to make your event Fantastic. Desi Daig is the perfect choice for you.

Shoaib Ahmed

A Desi Daig is the Most Famous and spicy dish in the continental food menu. There are many types of Daigs like Chicken Biryani Daig, Beef Biryani Daig, Mutton Biryani Daig, etc., and every one has a different taste. Desi Daig is known as the house of taste and has many varieties of different tastes like biryani. We have 50+ different tastes in biryani with highly experienced Cooks for every Food Item. Other dishes are Korma, Karahi, and Pulao, which are available in our special DesiDaig Menu. We Use High-Quality Meat, Vegetables, Spices, Oil, and chicken to make our food more tasty and hygienic. We do not compromise on quality, and all our products are baked under strict supervision. We keep quality control measures while preparing food. We have a team of chefs who prepare dishes according to customers’ tastes. Most people like Daig Biryani and Chicken Korma in, Events, Wedding Programs, or any family events. Because they want to book daig of Biryani and Korma Daig online and want it on home delivery, we have a team of drivers who drive smartly and safely, and all our drivers are well dressed, clean, and courteous. We use high-quality packaging materials to ensure safe delivery. We have a fully equipped kitchen to make our sauces and spice mixes.



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We have started with a mission to provide you the best of the best traditional taste.

Desi Daig has many varieties of dishes. Many people want a quality of taste but can’t find it because not everyone knows a Quality of taste. Sometimes the catering uses a low-quality product that is not good for health and is very harmful to the child. The Desi com of best quality is that they use high-quality Products, Spices, and meats to make food hygienic.
Our Food menus are Chicken Biryani, Chicken Korma, Chicken Karahi, Mutton Karahi, Chicken White Karahi, Beef Qorma, Sindhi Biryani, Chinese Food, and many others with high-quality vegetables, Spices, and other products.

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Experience the essence of traditional cuisine with Desi Daig—an online delivery Daigs center and catering hub. From the comfort of your home to the grandest events, we bring authentic flavors and culinary excellence to your doorstep. Elevate your dining journey with Desi Daig, where every bite tells a tale.

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